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Project: Custom Ammo Box UPDATE: FINISHED BY LARRY A friend of mine requested I make him a “Custom Ammo Box”. Larry is an avid target shooter/marksman …he has participated and won many target shooting events…he also enjoys many gun related hobbies; one of which is custom re-loading. The box will be made from Spanish Cedar and measures 9” long, 5 ¼” wide and 4” tall. The bullet base will have 50 holes a ½” wide and 1” deep to accept the cartridges. The top will be dadoed to a depth of 1 ½” to cover the cartridges. The Cad file shows the layout for the top dado & hole placement. The tools of choice for machining were a 90 degree conic drilled to a depth of ¼”…this created a slight bevel around the ½” holes that house the bullets. A ½” by 6” carbide end mill was used for the top dado and for cutting out the finished components. We used a 90 degree V-groove router bit for the engrave of Larry’s name located on top of the box…Larry’s getting up there in age…if he mis-places the box it will find its way back to him!!! LOL…LOL…LOL…

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