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We joined the 2 table halves with an ample amount of glue and biscuits, used the ratchet straps to secure until dry and mounted to the 3/4″ plywood substrate. We  layed out the location of the starburst and  perimeter ring in our Cad program. The pocket for our inlays will be 3/8″ deep…we set up a toolpath using a 3/16″ spiral upcut carbide endmill. The following pictures depict the CNC router as it outlines the starburst and plows out the pocket to accept the Ebony inlays. We ran a test for the starburst inlay using  1/4″ mdf  for the male component…the fit was perfect! In our next post, we will cut out and insert our Gaboon ebony into the pockets we machined.

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