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The next step in this project covers the pocketing for our Black Walnut. We glued up a blank 62” in width x 28 ½” in height x 1-1/2” deep…we will create an oval pocket 40” wide x 20” tall and 1-1/8” deep to accept our carving. We used multiple passes with a ½” carbide compression end mill to machine the pocket area. After the pocketing is complete we will cut our blank to a finished size of 54” in width and 27” in height. After the pocket is machined we will apply a generous amount of glue into the recessed area, insert the carving and clamp for 24 hours. The carving will protrude approximately 1/16” above the Black Walnut surface…this allows for a final sanding that will bring both components perfectly flush. Our customer has requested engraved corner borders to accent the piece. We will use a 90 degree v-groove bit for the engraved areas. The following Cad file illustrates the location and corresponding tool path. Our part in this project is now complete. We sprayed on 1 coat of clear gloss( shown in the final picture) to give our readers an idea of how the final carving will look.   The piece will be taken to a finishing expert for multiple coats(approximately 10 coats) of clear lacquer. This will enhance the rich beauty of the exotic woods…a truly unique rendering of “The Last Supper”.

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  1. Elias kanaan

    Can u send me the file for the last supper please I need to make it
    If u can my email is

    • The file can be purchased at

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