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The Project: Sign for A New Hair Salon We have been asked to produce a sign for a customer’s hair salon. The sign will feature a rapid texture design that will compliment the name of the business…”Twisted Scissors”. The layout of the sign will be 71-1/2” wide & 36” tall. The sign will be two sided so we will use a material 1-1/4” thick. This particular sign will have 3 components…the overall sign field with our rapid texture…a 1/2″ text plate that will inlay into a pocket we mill 1/4″ deep and the text letters & scissors made from 5/8″ material. The purpose of this component sign is to expedite the painting process. The components can be painted seperately and glued together when finished. We are using Extira, a waterproof composite board, and Tightbond III…a waterproof glue for the construction of this sign. We began in our Cad program by creating several tool path files. The first file will require pocketing out an area for the text…  The second will be a texture of twisted lines… The third will be our text & text plate file. We lightly scored the text plate with a v-groove bit to aid in letter placement after painting. The completed sign is off to the painters and our part in this project is finished. We will post an update to this article after the sign has been placed…

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