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Our customer has requested we make a table top from Sinker Curly Pine. The top measures approximately 8’ 6” x 42” x 2 ½”. We began by milling 3 sections of the log to a thickness of 2 ½”. We used a 2” fly cutter router bit for this process. The machining on our MultiCam 5000 took approximately 3 hours. Next we used a 5” end mill bit to straight line the sections. This gave us a perfectly straight edge for gluing the individual sections together. Next we pocketed out a grid on the back side of the table and inlayed 3” x 1 ¼” fir hardwood. This will control movement of the sections and provide stability. The total time spent on this project was 11 hours. The customer will finish the top with 10-15 layers of an automobile clear coat.

2 comments on “SINKER PINE TABLE TOP

  1. chris

    What was the price for this table?

    • This table goes for about $4,000.

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