Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you take credit cards for payment?

Yes, we do! We accept credit card payments from American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. Additionally, we will accept company checks or cash.

Question: Do you offer delivery services?

Yes, we offer local deliveries for a small fee. Ask about deliveries when you place your order. We can deliver cabinet doors and materials to your shop or job site to save you time and money.

Question: Do you offer boring and hinges?

Yes, we do provide boring and hinges at the customers request. Standard boring on all cabinet doors are: 3 inches from the top and bottom. Doors that are over 44 inches require 3 separate boring and hinges. Boring for doors over 44 inches are: 3 inches from the top and bottom and in the center depending on the actual door height.

Question: What is the estimated time it will take to get our cabinet doors or specialty wood work?

Typically, the turn around time is 7 to 10 business days. There are many variables that go into production time, such as: type of wood, number of cabinet doors, production schedule etc. We try to work closely with our customers to provide a time that’s reasonable to their expectations. For online orders or orders that have to be shipped you can add 3-5 extra days to production. Again, this is just a general guideline and most jobs finish before the allotted time.

Question: Do you offer shipping?

Yes, we do offer shipping to the continental United States. We currently do not ship internationally. In most cases the customer we be required to pay for shipping and handling cost. We ship the majority of our items via UPS, FedEx and The United States Postal Service. If you prefer one carrier to another please let us know at the time of ordering. We package our items delicately and try to make sure they would survive the apocalypse if it came to it. In the rare event your items are damaged during shipping please contacts us immediately to expedite any remakes that need to be made.

Question: Where are the doors manufactured?

Right here at our store in Iowa, Louisiana. We do not outsource any of our manufacturing out of state.

Question: If we bring in a door that wasn’t made there, can you match it ?

Yes! Quite commonly everyone is going to have just one or two doors that need replacing. Even though it wasn’t made here chances are we can match it exactly or give you something so close you’d never be able to tell the difference. There are some exceptions and for profiles there may be a minor fee.

Question: Do you make Miter Doors?

No, unfortunately we do not.It is our opinion that miter doors do not stand the test of time as well as a traditional five piece cabinet door.

Question: Does Classic Doors still offer laser engraving as a service?

We do not. Classic Doors ceased all laser engraving services at the end of August 2015. This includes all surfaces and products like: glass, acrylic, wood, metals etc…If you are looking to have some laser engraving done we suggest you search the Lafayette area.